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Environmental, portrait, concert & commercial photographer operating out of Hampshire UK

Hello. My name is Andy Hayes. Primarily I am a lifestyle or environmental portrait photographer, a mouthful, but what exactly does this involve?

Usually i find myself shooting your images in an environment where you feel most comfortable, be it at work or on a walk in the country. For example, I would shoot a mountain biker doing what they love, riding their bike. Couples in love may like a romantic portrait session at a place dear to them, where they met or at their local park.

The concept for the session is primarily yours. I 'document' your shoot, with as little involvement as possible. This type of shoot suits couples and families and also professional models who require something a little different for their portfolio.

Direction is on hand if needed but a lot of the time you will not know I am there. Lifestyle images are very suitable for people, (and there are a lot of them) who are not too comfortable in front of a camera. 

At no time are you put under pressure for time. Some sessions last 30 minutes, some 2 hours. The very best images come from a good rapport between the photographer and the client and sometimes this takes time to build.

Photo shoots can have your favourite music playing, if you wish. Your first song together maybe. Lifestyle photography is all about spontaneity and emotion.

If you want your family captured in a studio, against a white background, that is fine, there are plenty of photographers that can provide that.

My photography is about a connection, an embrace, sometimes quirky and sometimes reflective, however you wish to be portrayed. 

Shoots do benefit from a certain amount of staging, using a combination of natural light, flash and reflectors, there's no harm in a little parental romance whilst the children are otherwise engaged! 

In lifestyle photography you are involved in the whole process as much as I am and there is an emotional connection to every print you choose, especially when ordered for other family members.

Please visit my portfolio here for an idea of documentary style photography.

Don't forget to connect via your favorite social media below. (I'm usually lurking around Facebook!)

If I can help you with photographic advice of a technical nature, please feel free to ask.

If you would like to talk about working together, please use the contact me link above.

If you have got this far, well done! I look forward to seeing you soon. 

Andy Hayes.




Here's the thing. You have to appreciate my style of photography before you come 'knocking at my door'.

There is nothing wrong with going into a studio and having a family portrait done and if that is what you want, go ahead and treat yourself.

That said, first and foremost I shoot portraits, whether they are of you and your dog, you and your children clowning around or dancing with your loved one in a meadow, if you happen to be having a major birthday or even a wedding, this is what I do.

Pricing is on an individual basis, as there are a lot of variables that come into play. Contact me on the message link above and lets make some great photography.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Customer Tesimonials.

Wow Andy, thank you so much for creating such great photographs, you have a talent that clearly needs to be shared.

Look forward to the 19th at Camberley.

Mandy Paines - Cloudbusting.

Mandy Paines


So many great shots Andy! I really like all the lighting you have captured, and the added effects, Thank you. xx

Alice Offley - Fleetwood Bac.

Great Job Andy! - Debz Harrie - Atomic Blondie.

Fleetwood Bac The Brook, Southampton-2
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